NMCA Mission

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Our Mission

The New Mexico Chile Association (NMCA) has been representing the signature crop and industry of New Mexico CHILE for over a decade.  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that the chile industry remains and prospers in New Mexico.   Comprised of growers, processors, manufacturers and others involved in the chile industry, we strive to:

  • Promote New Mexico chile on an international stage.

  • Increase competitiveness and expand global market opportunities for New Mexico chile producers.

  • Create an environment that expands global market opportunities for New Mexico chile producers.

  • Lead scientific, manufacturing/processing and engineering innovation for the industry.

  • Advocate for legislative and regulatory outcomes that positively impact our industry.

  • Represent the New Mexico chile industry and NMCA Members on a national and international stage.

The New Mexico Chile Industry

Chile is New Mexico’s signature crop, is the basis for our unique regional cuisine, and is well known nationally for its high quality and excellent flavor.  New Mexico chile is the basis of a strong and thriving industry, providing more than 5,000 jobs, and contributing to over 450 million to the state’s economy.  In addition, New Mexico’s unique chile-based cuisine is a major draw for tourists.   Indeed, it is no stretch to state that our chile-based cuisine has become a destination in and among itself…as current advertising asserts in publications such as Southwest Airlines’ Southwest: The Magazine featuring a steaming bowl of green chile stew and tortillas.

What is Happening to NM Chile?

  • Industry is in a steep decline

  • 34,500 acres were harvest in 1992 - only 8,600 acres were harvested in 2013

  • China is trying to corner the world oleoresin market which accounts for 30% of NM acreage

  • Foreign companies are taking advantage of their reduced regulation and cheap, plentiful labor

  • Imports account for about 82% of chile consumed in the U.S. – automation is the only solution

  • Sometimes chile is sold labeled as “Hatch” or “NM Grown” when it comes from outside NM or even the U.S.