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News for the 2014 Chile Season

It's the season to catch Hatch chile fever!

News for Previous Seasons

As the Competition Heats Up, So Does a Fight Over Homegrown Peppers - Article in New York Times 02-22-13

Was that chile grown in NM? Better be able to prove it.

Articles - NM Advertising Act

GE Food Labeling Rejected by American Medical Association

New Mexico Chile Crop Up After Near 40 Year Low

Key Scientist Says Agriculture Productivity Growth Must Increase

New Mexico Chile Harvest Nearly Finished 11-18-11

Washington Post - Get Your Hatch Chili Peppers Right Here

NPR Article and Audio 7/31/11

NM Chile Advertising Act HB 485

IFT Article on New Food Safety Legislation January 10, 2011

NM Chile Production Declining - KFOX September 27, 2010

Despite Economy, Americans Don't Want Farm Work By Garance Burke, Associated Press, September 27, 2010

NM Chile in Washington,D.C. - People's Garden, June 25, 2010

Feeding A Hungry World Is Job One, June 13, 2010