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Important Industry Information

Why Our Industry Is Important to New Mexico

-         Our chile industry is possibly the only industry in which NM is ranked first in the nation.

-         We produce the vast majority of chile in the U.S.

-        Our industry contributes millions to the state’s economy.

-        Our industry exports most of its products bringing money into this state.

-        Our industry provides over 4,000 jobs.

-        The industry is composed primarily of family owned companies and farms
who invest in our communities and work to improve them.

-        Chile is the heart and soul of New Mexico. Washington has its apples, Idaho it's potatoes,
Florida its oranges. New Mexico loves its chile.

-        Our state question is: Red or Green?!

Industry Issues:

-        The NM chile industry is in a steep decline

-        34,500 acres were harvested in NM in 1992; In 2013 only 8,600 acres were harvested.

-        Foreign competition remains severe.

-        Foreign companies are able to take advantage of reduced regulation and cheap labor.

-        Automation is an imperative for NM to compete in the market.


Funding and Research News:

The NMCA is currently supporting several types of research at NMSU with funding received through state appropriations in 2007 and 2008.  Each project was chosen for the contribution it can make to assisting the NM chile industry's immediate needs.  For more information on these efforts and an update on the research please go to the members only area and log-in.  Thank you.