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We want you as a member!

You need to join the NMCA if any of these statements apply to you:      

·         You value New Mexico’s chile industry

·         You believe our industry needs a voice that is heard in Santa Fe and in Washington, D.C.

·         You feel every company in this industry needs to do its part to preserve and grow this industry

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We Need You!

This is a small industry and we need every farmer and processor to join together to fight for our livelihood.



Benefits of membership:

         You will have a voice in the direction of your industry and the NMCA.

         You will have access to research and development specific to the chile industry.

         You will have access to engineering expertise.

         You will be informed of new developments and improvements our    industry can use.

         You will be informed of legislation and regulation that may affect your company.

         You will be informed of upcoming events that pertain to the chile industry.

         You will be updated regularly on progress made by our association.

         You will have access to information on the members only page that is accessible to members only!